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Tiny perfect scientist, Carlos~!

This adorable (and finally finished!) cutie comes equipped with a lovely lab coat, a cozy red-and-blue plaid sweater and cozy black pants. He’s got button eyes and THE SOFTEST OMG hair.

I really think he is my best product/project to date. :D
Maybe I’ll make Cecil too…

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I am making a Carlos plushie. This is what I have so far!
It has apparently been decided that I am Cecil (and don’t need to make him… blame ladylokioftardis for that one) because I accidentally ripped his first shirt off… oops.
Anyways more updates soon!

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My main blog changed URLs.
It is now Hellandateacup.


Ocelotshop has gone back to being named patchworkshoppe! HURRAY!


Congrats on the winner of our giveaway~

I’m glad that I get to make something for someone. I think I may hold another in the future… However, it really did nothing. No new followers, no interest in the shop and only 24 reblogs.

Actually, I don’t think I’ll be doing it again.

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A finished project!

This is Shaymin, and the first one I have ever made. (So I suppose if I end up making more in the future, they’ll look nicer.)

It was a commission and a keychain that will be shipped out very soon. The flowers are made of felt, and the grassy stuff on its back is a special yarn chosen because it looked like grass.

… Also, next time my assistant is doing the embroidering. OTL It’s certainly not my forte.

Commissions are open if you want one, or two or three or other tiny cute things. :D

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The most recent thing I made.

This particular mister pumpkin is for sale. He’s only 13$!
And there are many more where he came from.


New Store officially open for business as of 07/08/2013!

Welcome to RabidOcelot’s new and improved plushie/stuffed animal store spectacular~ Our prices are very fair, our plushies are hand made and recycled… And made with lots of heart!

Here are some (rather old) examples to get you started: